Jerusalem Cross


Hand-crafted fine silver medallion Jerusalem cross accented with 22K with detail

The Jerusalem Cross is rich in symbolism and meaning

and goes by many different names, including the

Crusader’s Cross.

This Jerusalem cross represents Christ’s command to

spread the Gospel around the world, a mission that

started in Jerusalem. It was part of the coat of

arms of the short-lived Jerusalem Kingdom (1099-1203

AD). It is a busy collection of five crosses and the

most common interpretations are:

A combination of the Old Testament teachings (the

four Tau Crosses) and the New Testament teachings

(the four Greek Crosses)

The four evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,

with Christ in the center Christianity (central

cross) broadcast by missionaries to the four corners

of the world Five crosses representing the five

wounds of Jesus on the cross (small crosses for the

hands and feet, and the large central cross for the

spear wound in His side.

Gold Filled Chain Options available.  Customize length and size.  Chain purchased separately

My designs are made to order.  Please allow 2 weeks.  If there is a need for something sooner it is very possible arrangements can be made.

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